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50 Free Open Courseware Classes About Psychology and the Human Brain

Psychology is the science that deals with behavior and mental processes, and professionals who work in the field research and study in order to better understand the role of mental functions and how they affect social behavior. It is a complex field that encompasses many branches, from developmental, gender and race, social, abnormal and even more specialties. This study can often overlap with counseling, as both professions deal with studying different mental processes, brain functions, and how emotional and mental disorders affect the lives and behaviors of the patients they work with. If you’re interested in psychology, counseling or studying the functions of the human brain, there are many free courses you can take to get a better idea of which specialty most interests you and which direction to take in furthering your education.

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Top 50 Counseling Blogs

Counseling is a vast field that encompasses many facets. It applies to work in diverse community settings where the goal is to counsel, rehabilitate and offer support. As a counselor, you work with patients in order to treat emotional and mental health issues that are causing problems in school, personal relationships, work and in everyday life. You may choose to work in a school, work as a personal growth or relationship counselor, work in substance abuse or other addictions, or possibly in rehabilitation and grief. Regardless of your specialty, counselors all share the similar goal of promoting good mental health to their patients. The following list of top 50 counseling blogs offers a look into many of these areas of counseling to give you a better idea and understanding about the field and various professions. These sites also offer help and support for those who seek counseling advice.

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