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Don’t Lose Your Financial Aid! Three Things You Must Monitor

Universities at the masters level utilize several measures in determining eligibility for financial aid. Financial aid can consist of student loans, stipends, scholarships, etc. There are three general categories for determining eligibility: Cumulative GPA, Pace, and Maximum Time. Your financial aid can be terminated if you fail to meet any of these requirements! Therefore, it is recommended that you monitor each of these categories for yourself so that you don’t get any nasty surprises.

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Counseling Supervision: What Every Counselor Needs To Know

Most, if not all, states require that after graduating counselors complete an internship before becoming licensed. This means that counselors must be under supervision when they are treating clients. Usually this consists of a one-hour meeting each week with your supervisor, but requirements vary by state.

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3 Multicultural Counseling Considerations for Native Americans

With this blog, we will complete our multicultural conversation by looking at three counseling considerations for Native Americans.

Please note that this series is not meant to cover all facets of multiculturalism, but rather to provide some useful information and give you a “head start” in your counseling career. Another important thing to remember is that minority groups are heterogeneous. Therefore, these are things that may be true in some instances, but, as with other categories in counseling, it is dangerous to make assumptions. Continue reading