Monthly Archives: October 2012

Consulting and Supervision

Providing psychotherapy isn’t the only job description for counselors. Often, counselors act as a consultant. For example, an experienced counselor could provide supervision to a novice counselor. It is important for both graduate students in counseling programs and beginning counselors to understand what these different roles entail.
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Couples Counseling

Counseling couples doesn’t just mean there is one more person in the room. The theories for couples counseling are completely different from the theories for individual counseling! Unlike individual counseling, most couples counseling theories are based on General Systems Theory. This is marriage and family counseling often has it’s own degree program and licensure process.
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Unique Mental Health Needs of Graduate Students

Graduate students have many stressors. For example, graduate students often have the equivalent of two full-time jobs, one for which they do not get paid. The initial excitement of pursuing graduate studies is often replaced with stress and anxiety once the student realizes the impact of the scholastic workload.
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