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Twitter Chat with Dr. Barb LoFrisco

Recently, we participated in a twitter chat with our resident blogger, Dr. Barbara LoFrisco. What’s a twitter chat you might ask? Essentially, a twitter chat is an open conversation, with questions and answers (designated as Q1, A1, Q2, A2, etc.) to provide a real time interaction between multiple people.

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Masters In Counseling.org Blog Aims To Serve Counseling Students And Counselors With New Blogger!

Besides a new site design and other cool features like professional interviews, videos, and informative articles, Masters In Counseling.org is also aiming to be serve counseling students and new counselors by bringing on Barbara LoFrisco, a licensed counselor to blog for the site! Barbara LoFrisco holds a master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida. She is also a licensed mental health counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, and certified sex therapist. Currently, she helps individuals and couples with anxiety, depression, relationship and sexual issues in her private practice in the Tampa, FL area. She is also a full-time doctoral student and teaching assistant in the Counselor Education department at USF. One of her research interests is social media, and she recently co-authored an article in Career Development Quarterly on how university career centers are utilizing social media. Continue reading

30 Exceptional Q&A Sites on Effective Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling is a broad field, and can encompass more than marriage issues. Relationship counselors often work with couples who want to adopt, parents with difficult children and children with difficult parents. But, the counseling doesn’t stop there — eldercare issues have come to the forefront with the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. With so many irons in the fire, sometimes it helps to have answers to questions that may come up along the way. So, we’ve gathered 30 exceptional question and answer sites that cover all the above issues, including marriage. Continue reading

Top 25 Free and Useful eBooks About Depression

While it is normal to occasionally feel sad, when a person has major depressive disorder, they experience a severely depressed mood that can remain for years at a time. This is often referred to as depression, which can interfere with daily functioning and cause distress for both the person with the disorder and their family. With an estimated 16 percent of adults suffering from depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, cases of depression are by no means isolated.

With everyone from doctors to therapists to herbal specialists chiming on the subject, reading more about depression can help both patients and caregivers make better decisions. If you are high in desire to learn but low on the wallet, there are options. To help out, we have gathered the below top 25 free and useful eBooks about depression. They are authored by everyone from licensed therapists to those who have suffered some type of depression.

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25 Job Sites for Career Counselors

A job as a career counselor means putting on your best face every day and helping students or immigrants step into the job pool with confidence. There isn’t always an easy way to do this, but job sites and forums for career counselors can help you learn the right things to say and how to keep in touch with hopeful employees. There’s an art to being a career counselor, so it helps to constantly educate yourself and learn new networking skills for your clients.

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40 Best Online Libraries for Counselors

Counselors might work in schools, clinics or in private settings, and they might specialize in specific fields such as student, family or addiction counseling. But they all look to use resources in their studies and in practice. The following 40 best online libraries for counselors can provide those resources, with free downloads of journal articles and books or tools to help build a counseling library of your choosing. Continue reading

27 Awesome Android Apps That Will Inspire You Every Day

Inspiration comes in many forms for people. Some individuals respond to exercise, while others might respond to affirmations or scripture. If you are a counselor, you might find the following 27 Android apps motivational for yourself or for your clients, and they are intended to inspire users emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Take your pick — and let these apps pick up your day!

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Top 50 Addiction Counseling Blogs

Many people get degrees in counseling in order to learn more about how they can help themselves — in addition to helping other people. This makes sense, since many of us have our own problems to deal with. Reading counseling blogs can be a great help as we look for support through our problems, and attempt to overcome addictions.

If you are interested in finding continuing support, but you are not sure if you are ready to let others know about your addictions, you can use technology to your advantage. There are a number of helpful counseling blogs that can offer great ideas for overcoming, as well as offer a safe environment of support. Here are 50 great addiction counseling blogs:

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Top 50 eBooks About Positive Thinking and Visualization

One of the best ways to help someone is to provide him or her with the tools to help themselves. Counselors know that sometimes it helps to enlist the power of positive thinking. Visualization techniques and concentration on positive outcomes can help lead to improvements and encourage patients to pursue desired outcomes.

By directing patients to helpful resources, counseling professionals can further help. If you are looking for some interesting resources, here are 50 ebooks about positive thinking and visualization.

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Top 50 Web Forums for Counseling, Advice and Support

The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, can also pertain to communities that support individuals in the middle of divorce, parenting issues, relationship problems, depression and crisis. That’s what these top 50 Web forums are all about — online villages that are suited for counseling, advice and support. All the forums listed here are moderated, sometimes by expert counselors and at other times by community members.

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