Practicing Psychotherapy as a Generalist with Will Meyerhofer: Ep. 04

We’re back with another episode of Mastering Counseling! On this show, Megan was joined by Will Meyerhofer, who runs The People’s Therapist blog. Will is a licensed clinical social worker and JD who currently works in private practice providing individual, couple, and group therapy from his TriBeCa loft in Lower Manhattan.

Will is also an accomplished author, having written several books including Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy, which is intended as an introduction to the experience of psychotherapy. On this show, Will shared his expertise and thoughts on being a “generalist” therapist. Listen in to hear Will’s insight on a variety of topics around therapy!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What it means to be a “generalist” therapist.
  • The pros and cons of being a generalist.
  • How to decide if a generalist orientation is right for you.
  • The common factors that underlie many different treatment models and presenting issues.
  • And a great deal more!

Featured on the Show:

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  • Counseling Spotlight: The People’s Therapist

    The journey of The People’s Therapist, created by Will Meyerhofer, began years ago…

    Will completed a law degree from NYU and worked for two years at a prestigious New York law firm before deciding to leave the legal world behind in order to study clinical social work and follow his passion for psychology and helping others. This passion shines through in his posts and musings on life, the law, society, and of course therapy. Posts cover everything from stories from his life and experiences with therapy, to thoughts on the latest news and people in the world.

    If you’re looking for an honest window into the life of a lawyer-turned-therapists, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better blog. Will has a gift for writing, as evidenced by the fact that he has authored several different books in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. This ability to write clearly, concisely, all while being entertaining is crucial to “The People’s Therapist’s” success. Success that will absolutely continue as Will updates it with new posts.

    Best of the Counseling and Mental Health

    Each episode we award a site or organization as the “Best of the Counseling and Mental Health Web”… as selected by Mastering Counseling Podcast listeners! Whether you’re a current mental health professional, or a student studying to become one, there are so many great resources out there discussing counseling and mental health. Some of these resources could even help your clients and be worth recommending to them.

    As a reminder, if you ever have a suggestion for a resource or organization we should recommend, drop us a line via email, Faceook, or Twitter!

    This week we’re happy to recognize Teen Mental, a web site which offers educational materials and tools for healthcare professionals, parents, and teens themselves.

    Teen Mental’s vision (and mission) is”to help improve the mental health of youth by the effective translation and transfer of scientific knowledge.”

    They “use the best scientific evidence available to develop application-ready training programs, publications, tools and resources that can be applied across disciplines to enhance the understanding of adolescent mental health and mental disorders.”

    Their materials and programs are put together by Dr. Stan Kutcher. Dr. Kutcher, “works to create, develop and deliver nationally and internationally recognized research, education and clinical programs by collaborating with health care providers, policymakers, schools, the business community, non-profit organizations and the general public.”

    When it comes to web resources for mental health, you’d be hard pressed to find a better resource for teens than Teen Mental Congrats to them on their selection!

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