A Therapist’s Day in Court with Nicol Stolar-Peterson, LCSW: Ep. 08

What do you do if, as a therapist, you’re called to testify in court? On this episode of the Mastering Counseling podcast, we explore just that. Our expert guest joining Megan is Nicol Stolar-Peterson. Nicol is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of California. She also owns and operates Therapist Court Prep, which focuses on helping therapists all over the country interface effectively with the court system.

Throughout her career, Nicol has worn many hats, including therapist, child custody evaluator, former Child Protective Services investigator and forensic interviewer, consultant, coach, and expert witness. She has also been featured on the popular podcast Selling the Couch and offered expert insight for CNN.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What some common situations that lead therapists to interact with the court system are.
  • How to develop a strong court policy for your practice.
  • Which common pitfalls therapists often experience in court.
  • Effective strategies for navigating the court system competently and professionally.
  • And a great deal more!

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  • Counseling Spotlight: Therapist Court Prep

    Founded by Nicol Stolar-Peterson and located in Murrieta, CA, Therapist Court Prep helps therapists prepare for court testimony, as well as effectively complete court documents. It can be overwhelming and nerve racking for a therapist when they receive a subpoena to appear in court… but Nicol and her team work to help therapists be prepared.

    Therapist Court Prep offers a number of services, chief among them is one on one consultation with Nicol. However, they also offer Mock Courtroom Trials for larger groups to help people learn the in’s and out’s of what to expect in the courtroom. Additionally, live trainings are available for those interested.

    A Snapshot of Therapist Court Prep:

    • Location: 29970 Technology Drive, Suite 118Murrieta, California
    • Contact Number: (951) 595-6864
    • Testimonial: “Because of Nicol, I have peace of mind regarding my court policy. During our consult (to address my concerns about a request for records) Nicol addressed the steps I needed to take and also gave suggestions in the event I needed to actually appear in court. Nicol did this in a matter-of-fact, clear and supportive way that addressed my fears, lowered my stress and anxiety, and gave me concrete steps for moving forward. I am deeply thankful for her expertise in helping me navigate this complex area.” – Dr. Lourdes Viado

    Best of the Counseling and Mental Health Web: American Music Therapy Association

    Each episode we award a site or organization as the “Best of the Counseling and Mental Health Web”… as selected by Mastering Counseling Podcast listeners! Whether you’re a current mental health professional, or a student studying to become one, there are so many great resources out there discussing counseling and mental health. Some of these resources could even help your clients and be worth recommending to them.

    As a reminder, if you ever have a suggestion for a resource or organization we should recommend, drop us a line via email, Faceook, or Twitter!

    This week we’re happy to recognize American Music Therapy Association or AMTA for their fantastic work in general, and especially their online resources.

    Online you can learn so much about what music therapy is all about… but AMTA’s site covers the essentials the best. Including, what it is, who music therapists are, and what the AMTA is all about. You can even explore the AMTA archives and learn about their strategic plans for advancing their causes and growing their organization.

    In addition to that, there’s a wealth of information on music therapy research (efficacy and so much more), an online bookstore, and of course a list of all their events.

    When it comes to discovering music therapy, you’d be hard pressed to find a better web resource. Huge congrats to them on their selection!

    If you’re interested in finding out more you can visit them by connecting online.

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