Building Community: Great Google Plus Pages for Counselors

Counseling is all about relationships. The relationship between a client and a counselor is a crucial part of successful treatment, and knowing how to build rapport with other people is one of the most important skills a counselor can develop. This doesn’t just apply between patients and counselors though. The field of counseling has a strong community surrounding it, and nurturing personal and professional relationships within this community can have significant benefits for counselors just starting out, and those who have been working for years. Google Plus is a great venue to get in touch with counselors in other specialties or areas and start to build rewarding relationships with other people in the field. This list isn’t a ranking of these Google Plus accounts, but a starting place for those seeking high quality information and community building opportunities. Some of the benefits of communicating with other counselors over Google Plus include:

  • Exposure to new ideas, activities, and counseling methodologies.
  • Understanding of the overall condition of the counseling field.
  • Social and professional contacts and support.

General & Private Practice

These accounts are maintained by an assortment of counseling practices, organizations, and individuals offering diverse information about the field of counseling as a whole.

  1. Counseling and Psychology Community


    The Counseling and Psychology Community on Google Plus is an informal setting that promotes discussions to tackle carious problems within the profession head-on. Counselors should turn here if they’re looking for answers on problems within the job or the best way to go about a certain client.

  2. Anxiety Support Community


    The Anxiety Support community on Google Plus is rich with advice, inspiration, comfort, and encouragement for anyone suffering from depression, PTSD and general anxiety. This is a strong example of how connecting with others online can have positive impact.

  3. Grief Counseling Community


    Handling clients with grief is when you must take your most delicate approach. The Grief Counseling Community helps to present useful opinions and strategies to ensure counseling techniques are the most effective and long-lasting. Because of this, counselors will see renewed interest in this page as it helps them work out a refined approach for helping grief-stricken clients.

  4. Professional School Counseling Community


    The Professional School Counseling Community on Google Plus is a meeting place for different school counseling professionals to get a wealth knowledge relating to more efficiently working their students. The page is a must-view for counselors of any type to just have a forum for engaging counselors about a counseling methods that are applicable even not in a school setting.

  5. Good Therapy


    Good Therapy advocates on behalf of patients through different treatments and posts inspiring and helpful pieces on their Google Plus page. It’s very useful for those wondering how to go about formulating the best advice for patients in a manner that’s engaging and informative.

    Visit Their WebsiteGood Therapy

  6. College Mental Health


    College Mental Health’s Google Plus page talks about all the unique ways that handling therapy needs to be approached when working with college-level students. It’s a great page to get advice to support those who may be under intense stress from academia and more.

    Visit Their WebsiteCollege Mental Health

  7. Harley Therapy


    Harley Therapy in London has tons of valuable posts on mental health and supplements their page with many infographics that make it a great resource for counselors. It’s one of the best Google Plus accounts in the United Kingdom on the subject.

    Visit Their WebsiteHarley Therapy

  8. Tamara G. Suttle, LPC


    Tamara G. Suttle, LPC has some impressive insight into the issues people face from emotional and psychological standpoints. Her Google Plus page is a great outlet from the private practice she engages in and if you’re a counselor considering starting your own private practice, it’s a priceless example of a good way to start the business.

    Visit Their WebsiteTamara G. Suttle Counseling

  9. Learn to Leap


    Learn To Leap works to empower individuals to have control of their lives again through incredible behavioral psychological advising. With unique approaches to addressing various relationship behaviors and emotional states, they’re a great resource for the contemporary counselor.

    Visit Their WebsiteLearn to Leap

  10. Baton Rouge Counseling


    Some of the best resources relating to counseling can be found in the south, specifically at Baton Rouge Counseling. Check it out to see what it’s like as a counselor in Louisiana. They specialize in areas such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and substance abuse.

    Visit Their WebsiteBaton Rouge Counseling

  11. Tracy Weiss, Counseling (Weiss Counsel)


    Tracy Weiss applies her conversational approach to relationships with clients in an effective manner that is intuitive to fostering an environment that promotes others to work through emotional issues and relationships together. Reading up on the ways she helps others can affect other counselors methods for the better as well.

    Visit Their WebsiteWeiss Counsel

  12. Eddins Counseling Group


    Eddins Counseling Group in Houston, TX works to assist those struggling with eating disorders and the posts on their Google Plus page are some of the most insightful that one could imagine. This page is definitely recommended to new and veteran counselors as a resource on everything relating to helping those with eating disorders.

    Visit Their WebsiteEddins Counseling Group

  13. Jerry Walker Therapy Services


    Jerry Walker Therapy has some great information on their Google Plus page relating to mental health and psychotherapy. The page is updated regularly with information relating to depression, drug abuse, marriage, and more, so if you’re starting out in the counseling field, it’s a useful place to start.

    Visit Their WebsiteJerry Walker Therapy Services

  14. Building Family Counseling


    Building Family Counseling understands that a stable family is the centerpiece enriching the lives of everyone in it and those around. That’s why they work ardently to lead the way in propagating better relationships. The Google Plus page has some great tools for counselors to implement effective methods for improving families.

    Visit Their WebsiteBuilding Family Counseling

  15. A Place of Hope for PTSD


    A Place of Hope for PTSD offers counseling services for a group that can benefit greatly from it: individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a serious diagnosis that can require a great deal of treatment to overcome, and a counselor with experience in this area can be a blessing to patients with PTSD. The Google Plus page of A Place for Hope paints a useful picture for how counselors can and need to help empower individuals to work through issues concerning PTSD.

    Visit Their WebsiteA Place of Hope for PTSD

  16. Hill Counseling


    Hill Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee has the perspective of operating in a smaller town and some of the issues that may typically go under the radar. Counselors operating in smaller towns can use Hill Counseling’s page to get insight into issues they may see as well.

    Visit Their WebsiteHill Counseling

  17. Jennifer Kogan Counseling


    Jennifer Kogan Counseling shows through an array of Google Plus posts how to best inform others on methods for improving their lives. Counselors can further relay this information to their clients and help them significantly.

    Visit Their WebsiteJennifer Kogan, LICSW

  18. Caminar for Mental Health


    Caminar for Mental Health aims to refrain the way mental illness is viewed in society and this is one reason counselors will find it very useful to pull information from it. Their posts convey factual corrections on the misinformation in the media relating to these illnesses.

    Visit Their WebsiteCaminar for Mental Health

  19. Elements Behavioral Health


    Elements Behavioral Health posts some of the best information on the brain, mental illness, as well as different behavioral issues. The posts provide such a dense amount of information that students studying counseling will learn an extensive amount from checking out this Google Plus page.

    Visit Their WebsiteElements Behavioral Health

  20. Therapy Tribe


    Therapy Tribe is a really useful site that empowers others to find the best therapist in their area through the use of geo-targeting technology. As a counselor or therapist, you should make sure your information is input on this site to help clients get in touch.

    Visit Their WebsiteTherapy Tribe

  21. Art Therapy Blog


    Art Therapy is a unique Google Plus page that shows how art can be effective in reducing and deterring the build-up of stress. Counselors can use this page to facilitate a path for the client to have more stress-reducing techniques.

    Visit Their WebsiteArt Therapy Blog

  22. Healing Center at Silver Lake Gardens, Mental Health Services


    The Healing Center at Silver Lake Gardens, Mental Health Services has some of the foremost tools for finding a sense of composure when it comes to mental health. Counselors can use the Google Plus page to view awesome news articles about assisting others with mental illness.

    Visit Their WebsiteHealing Center at Silver Lake Gardens, Mental Health Services

  23. Center For Integrated Behavioral Health


    Center For Integrated Behavioral Health conveys some of the most important information relating to psychotherapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Classes. Their specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows them to be a notable voice for prospective counselors to use.

    Visit Their WebsiteCenter For Integrated Behavioral Health

  24. Rockafellow Psychological Services


    The prevalence of treatment methods for alcoholism has increased substantially in recent years and Rockafellow Psychological Services is a wonderful example of this. Their services have set an impressive standard for how clients can be treated and other counselors can use their page to get a head start on treatment methods.

    Visit Their WebsiteRockafellow Psychological Services

  25. Compass Point Counseling


    Compass Point Counseling frames issues such as depression, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorder in a unique light that makes them easier to understand. This continues to help other counselors and other mental health professionals build a better understanding of how to help those inflicted with the conditions listed.

    Visit Their WebsiteWelcome to Compass Point

  26. Common Ground


    Common Ground is a great site for getting information on how crises impact them and understand they need help in working through these problems. They post very inspirational pieces that counselors can also use and pass along to their clients.

    Visit Their WebsiteCommon Ground

  27. Goose Creek Coaching and Consulting


    Goose Creek Coaching and Consulting works to help individuals with the circumstances that may be impeding them to attain their fullest level of happiness. The posts on Google Plus promote happiness through self-investment and is loaded with useful articles. If you’re a counselor wondering how to improve the language with clients, this site is highly recommended.

    Visit Their WebsiteGoose Creek Coaching

  28. Bending Birch Counseling


    Bending Birch Counseling works to mediate issues relating to relationships, marriages, and couples in general. They post inspiring quotes often on their Google Plus page that emphasize their commitment to help others see the bright side of things. The site paints an adequate picture of the best ways to counsel others and those in the field will be able to pull away useful information from it.

    Visit Their WebsiteBending Birch Counseling

  29. Lauren Rigney Mental Health Counseling


    Lauren Rigney Mental Health Counseling specializes in working with athletes and creative individuals to manage the stress and mental illnesses that can affect performance. The prevalence of mental health counselors has only grown in recent years, so counselors can view this Google Plus page for insightful information on how to improve their own practice.

    Visit Their WebsiteLauren Rigney Mental Health Counseling

  30. Nemeth Counseling and Consultation


    In a quaint suburb of Columbus, Ohio is Nemeth Counseling and Consultation is well-situated to assess and manage many problems through their impressive counseling abilities. Content on the Google Plus page is useful for other counselors to see how to best present their own practice and offer useful articles to clients.

    Visit Their WebsiteNemeth Counseling and Consultation

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    Marriage & Family

    The growing field of marriage and family is especially appropriate for counselors who are good at mediating conflict and developing relationships, and teaching others those skills.

  32. Dr Bev


    Dr. Bev has some great tips on her Google Plus page brings popular culture into the mix when concerning the interesting way society frames mental health. This, in turn, changes the way we view things, resulting in different obstacles on many fronts. Check out her page to get more information on therapy and relationship guidance.

    Visit Their WebsiteDrBev Mental Health Counselor Florida

  33. Kurt Smith


    Kurt Smith runs Guy Stuff Counseling and helps provide relationship and marital advice for those struggling. His background with helping others with relationships is well established, making it an esteemed resource on Google Plus for counselors to understand how to work with others.

    Visit Their WebsiteGuy Stuff Counseling and Coaching

  34. Anri van den Berg


    If you’re a counselor looking for new perspectives on issues, check out Anri van den Berg’s Google Plus page. She works in Pretoria, South Africa and is one of the best voices in the country when it comes to counseling. The Google Plus page she operates has useful pieces on counseling and how it can help people in many ways.

    Visit Their WebsiteVita Nova Counseling Services

  35. Grayson Miller


    After spending 20 years in corporate planning and development, Grayson Miller realized he wanted to help people, so got involved in counseling. Having been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD in 1995, he has firsthand experience that give him some of the most valuable perspective in the field concerning counseling others with these conditions. Additionally, he provides impressive insight as to what it’s like as a counselor for those with Schizoaffective Disorder. Bipolar Disorder, and Depression, particularly how it may affect relationships and marriages.

    Visit Their WebsiteGrayson Miller MA LPC

  36. Sankofa Psychological Services


    Getting the best care and support when it comes to psychological services can be nerve-wracking and cumbersome for numerous reasons. What Sankofa Psychological Services focuses on makes it easier for patients to get the support they need. Their Google Plus page has all the best information for counselors and other professionals to see how a great organization should operate.

    Visit Their WebsiteSankofa Psychological Services

  37. Harrington Creative Counseling


    Tallahassee, Florida is home to Harrington Creative Counseling whose innovative approach for helping others aims to address issues in marriages, families, children, and personal issues. The tact with which they go about mediating has propelled them to the top of the field.

    Visit Their WebsiteHarrington Creative Counseling

  38. Christina Spaccavento Sex Therapist, Relationship Specialist, Counsellor


    Christina Spaccavento is a renowned sex therapist whose services have given her a high level of credibility in the community. Her Google Plus account is particularly useful due to the great information she posts on sex therapy, relationships, and counseling tips.

    Visit Their WebsiteChristina Spaccavento Sex Therapist, Relationship Specialist, Counsellor

  39. spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy


    Located in New York City, Spiral2Grow Marriage Family Therapy presents a wide range of options aimed at assisting families on many different issues they can face. The Google Plus page should definitely be turned to if you’re looking for useful ways to present content to the public concerning marriage counseling.

    Visit Their Websitespiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy

  40. Westport Family Therapy


    Westport Family Therapy uses their Google Plus page fantastically to engage others involved in therapy show them how they’ve been helping those in their community. The posts generally touch on numerous emotional problems, which makes the page useful for counselors to get more information.

    Visit Their WebsiteWestport Family Therapy | Marriage Counseling CT | Individual Therapy

  41. Jalea Starnes, Counselor


    Jalea Starnes is a Texas-based counselor who uses her expertise in marriage and family counseling to provide some of the leading methods for improving stability within relationships. Her unique way of working through issues presents unique options to couples and should be looked into for those looking to improve their own practice.

    Visit Their WebsiteJalea Starnes, Counselor

  42. Robert Odell LICSW


    Robert Odell is a counselor for individuals and families and has the know-how and experience to assess and facilitate meaningful change in relationships or individuals. The Google Plus page acts as a useful resource for understanding his practice, so check it out to gain insight into different issues counselors face.

    Visit Their WebsiteRobert Odell Counseling Services

  43. Esselman Counseling


    Esselman Counseling is a private practice that works to help implement positive, long lasting change into people’s lives. It’s a worthwhile Google Plus page to check out as a counselor since they have specializations that include post-divorce, sexual issues, depression, and anxiety.

    Visit Their WebsiteEsselman Counseling Services

  44. Ron Huxley


    As a family therapist specializing in attachment, trauma, and parenting education, Ron Huxley is an established figure in the counseling community. The posts on his Google Plus page are useful for parents and counselors alike to paint a better picture of how to go about raising children and advising others on how to raise them.

    Visit Their WebsiteFamily Work Bench: Let’s build your dream family!

  45. Family Solutions Counseling Center


    Family Solutions Counseling Center is a great Google Plus page that uses each post to provide interesting detail into a number of problems. Their commitment to updated content ensures that others in the field will always have new information to read up on.

    Visit Their WebsiteFamily Solutions Counseling

  46. Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy


    The Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy was founded in 1994 and is a non-profit organization committed to further developing research related to different brain functionalities. This page is highly recommended for counselors looking for more information rooted on the scientific side of behavior.

    Visit Their WebsiteBeck Institute

  47. Claudia Broome


    Claudia Broome is well-versed in a number of counseling issues and specializes in supporting those going through a divorce, along with anti-bullying. If you’re a counselor and want some of the best examples of how to run your own Google Plus page, it’s highly recommended to check out her page.

    Visit Their WebsiteYour Divorce Coach Claudia Broome

  48. Mort Fertel


    If you’re the author of a family therapy book and are wondering the best way to present content on your own Google Plus, it’s highly recommended to check out this page. As the esteemed author of the book Marriage Fitness System, Mort Fertel uses his Google Plus page as a natural extension of information to those who have used his patented system to save their marriage.

    Visit Their WebsiteMarriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

  49. Jennine Estes


    Jennine Estes underlines the ineffectiveness of formulaic approaches to working with clients. By stressing a more personalized approach that brings in more unique parameters for framing problems, she’s provides much better solutions. Counselors who are trying to break the habit of merely categorizing patients into a few categories will find this page very useful.

  50. Houston Marriage Counseling – Peggy Halyard


    Houston Marriage Counseling’s Google Plus account, operated by counselor Peggy Halyard, highlights the foremost ways to improve relationships and why being proactive about fixing problems can hold such fruitful rewards. The page posts some of the best articles from other resources on one page, so counselors should check here for a dense amount of tools.

    Visit Their WebsiteCouples-Help

  51. Wasatch Family Therapy Davis County


    Wasatch Family Therapy Davis County is based in Bountiful, Utah and fellow counselors can definitely find use in their wealth of posts on Google Plus, particularly their content on relationships.

    Visit Their Website

  52. Sheryl Brown


    Sheryl Brown’s counseling services work to provide introspect into a number of issues and urge couples to take a more pragmatic focus to their relationship. The content on her page shows how art can enrich one’s life and functions as a great way to de-stress and live happier. Her Google Plus posts help others in the field to have useful articles to read up on the latest developments in the field.

    Visit Their WebsiteSunray Counseling

  53. Lori Underwood Therapy


    Lori Underwood Therapy emphasizes their family counseling resources and their Google Plus page has tons of posts on many how you can best improve the harmony within your own family. Counselors who are wondering what good content on a Google Plus page looks like concerning family counseling should take note here.

    Visit Their WebsiteLori Underwood Therapy

  54. Sean Stanek


    Sean Stanek is a Mental Health Counselor in Southeast Nebraska and is passionate about helping individuals who may be incredibly hurt from broken relationships. His posts on Google Plus cover a wide range of mental health issues and his page is recommended for candor regarding assisting others with their mental illness.

    Visit Their WebsiteStanek Counseling

  55. Bridges to Recovery


    Bridges to Recovery is a world class mental health treatment facility that works to address issues relating to depression, Bipolar Disorder, and trauma. They have an extensive number of posts on their Google Plus page, making it an apt resource for counselors to understand the best ways to run such a facility.

    Visit Their WebsiteBridges to Recovery

  56. Mental Health Center


    Mental Health Center has some of the best posts on improving well being and living a happier life. For counselors looking for useful places to recommend clients, Mental Health Center has great posts to understand how to empower individuals to work towards being happy.

    Visit Their WebsiteMental Health Center

  57. Artemis Counseling, P.C.


    Artemis Counseling P.C. underlines the importance of relationships and how today’s society has to deal with added stresses that can take a significant toll on a relationship. They work ardently to support their clients through relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, and marriage counseling, among others. The Google Plus page is used as an engaging portal in which individuals can get information on relationships that is perfect to be used in the counseling context.

    Visit Their WebsiteArtemis Counseling, Consulting, Coaching

  58. Sunderam P T


    Sunderam P T is an expert on relationships and marriage advice and uses his Google Plus page as an active outlet for discussing problems that are often associated with couples. Since his Google Plus page is largely compiled with unique content, it’s a recommended resource to see how to start your own counseling content and more.

    Visit Their WebsiteMind Counselling

  59. Amy Chang, LMFT


    As a notable psychotherapist, Amy Chang has worked extensively to help clients with problems in their marriage and family. For counselors, her site is useful because of the large range of material she posts on her page concerning relationships.

    Visit Their WebsiteAmy Chang, MS, LMFT

  60. Families Counseling


    Families Counseling has some of the best information relating to making changes in one’s life, be it through relationship therapy, personal problems, and much more. If you’re building a counseling practice and want insight into the details on how to blossom it into a successful organization, their Google Plus page is a worthwhile read.

    Visit Their WebsiteFamilies Counseling

  61. Nathaniel Hope LCSW, LLC


    Nathaniel Hope LCSW LCC has a private practice in Glenview, IL and shows how to properly provide counseling services for those in a community, making it great for counselors curious about opening up private practice. His focus over the last decade has been anxiety, trauma, divorce, separation, among other areas.

    Visit Their WebsiteNorthshore Therapy

  62. Tim John Peterson


    Tim John Peterson is the writer behind Men Talk, a book that delves into men’s feelings and tries to confront the notion that men are much less open to discussing feelings. This book allows men to understand that others empathize with them and how to go about internalizing some of those feelings. The Google Plus page is particularly useful for counselors who are trying to work with men who are very hesitant to open up.

  63. Jenny Olin


    Jenny Olin specializes in assisting couples and those who are married with problems that may be besetting the relationship. As the Director of Lighted Pathways in Sarasota Springs, New York, she has saved countless relationships and marriages, so the advice she posts she be taken seriously and counselors will find it useful to help the couples they work with.

    Visit Their WebsiteLighted Pathways

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    Grief counselors work with clients at their most vulnerable, who have lost loved ones or been exposed to deep emotional loss that won’t simply “go away” on its own.

  65. What’s Your Grief


    What’s Your Grief is the premier site to get information pertaining to grief and the different ways that it affects people. The posts all provide different perspectives on the delicate subject of grief, so if you’ve never had to counsel others on grief before, this Google Plus page is integral to gaining more knowledge on the matter.

    Visit Their WebsiteWhat’s Your Grief

  66. Anjali Chugh


    Anjali Chugh has a wealth of experience in working with individuals to improve their mental and emotional health. Her fascinating ability to properly assess many different situations, from an emotional standpoint, is understated. The Google Plus page functions as a useful extension of her talents.

    Visit Their WebsiteAnjali Chugh

  67. Graceful Grieving, Inc.


    Graceful Grieving is a useful resource for anyone trying to assist those who are hurting from the tremendous toll a death can take. The Google Plus page has links and posts that are relevant, factual, and help immensely with improving counseling others.

    Visit Their WebsiteGraceful Grieving, Inc.

  68. Grief Healing


    Dealing with the death of someone close to you is one of the hardest, and most inevitable, experiences in someone’s life. As a counselor, it’s incredibly important to be ready to help those who will be experiencing this and often are at their most vulnerable when confronted with these situations. This is why the Google Plus page Grief Healing is so useful, their posts use incredible tact when presenting the passing of loved ones and are also very informative still.

    Visit Their WebsiteGrief Healing

  69. Grief after Suicide


    Counselors need to know how to work with individuals who may suffer many different experiences. Grief After Suicide has a primary goal of assisting those individuals affected greatly by the suicide in some of the most contemporary methods possible. They supplement content through an incredible page called “Personal Grief Coach”. Counselors can get a thorough picture painted as to how to work with those who lose someone to suicide.

    Visit Their WebsiteUnified Community Solutions

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    People who develop substance abuse problems may attend short-term rehabilitation clinics to curb their addictions, but longer term counseling is sometimes the only way to kick bad habits for good.

  71. The Treatment Center


    They’ve been awarded the Gold Seal Accreditation from The Joint Commissions on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations for their work on substance abuse, so it should come as no surprise to see The Treatment Center on this list. They have some of the most comprehensive methods and information on drug and alcohol treatment.

    Visit Their WebsiteThe Treatment Center

  72. Williamsville Wellness


    In a more quaint part of Virginia, Williamsville Wellness offers the seclusion and support many need to recover from alcohol addiction in an environment that is much more conducive to being helped. By emphasizing attention that goes beyond the typical 12 step method, they more aptly cater to many different cases concerning addiction and substance abuse.

    Visit Their WebsiteWilliamsville Wellness Center, LLC

  73. Charles Johnston


    Charles Johnston works at Safe Haven Ibogaine Treatment Resort & Spa in Los Angeles, California and serves the various needs of clients looking to recover from debilitating addictions. Posts on his Google Plus page aim to educate on substance abuse issues and is a great read for counselors to get some of the latest advice.

    Visit Their WebsiteSafe Haven Ibogaine

  74. Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab


    Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab is situated in an absolutely gorgeous part of California, which helps keep those in need of support occupied through relaxing, scenic views and valuable treatment options. The great Google Plus page has all the information relating to motivational advice to help anyone currently struggling, so as a counselor it can be a useful page to direct one in need of some good posts on treatment.

    Visit Their WebsiteDuffy’s Napa Valley Rehab

  75. Inspire Malibu Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center


    Inspire Malibu Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center focuses on supporting individuals through a safe and secure environment and supplements this with some of the most cutting edge treatment options available. Because of their large amount of posts on treating depression through various methods, it’s recommended counselors read through the content.

    Visit Their WebsiteInspire Malibu

  76. The Hills Treatment Center


    Situated in a gorgeous area of Los Angeles, The Hills Treatment Center has become recognized for the leading environment in which to work with clients. Posts on the Google Plus page detail aspects of substance abuse problems and much of this information is useful to counselors.

    Visit Their WebsiteThe Hills Treatment Center

  77. Lakeview Health


    Focusing on drug problems and substance abuse, Lakeview Health is a highly accredited voice in the counseling community. You can view many post that touch on how to better yourself. Counselors should definitely look at this Google Plus page for an example of some of the most comprehensive informational tools.

    Visit Their WebsiteLakeview Health Systems

  78. Promises Treatment Centers


    Counselors should take note of all the great information relating to treatment options they should have available for clients by viewing the Google Plus page for Promises Treatment Centers. They go in-depth on the latest in drug treatment.

    Visit Their WebsitePromises Treatment Centers

  79. Treatment Solutions


    Treatment Solutions is a leader when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Additionally, they’re intent on making sure no one is left feeling hopeless. If you’re a counselor looking to compile useful pages to refer clients to, the posts on Treatment Solutions page are particularly informative.

    Visit Their WebsiteTreatment Solutions

  80. The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc.


    The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc. is an intuitive resource for individuals looking to get on the path to being healthy again and shedding detrimental habits from their lives. Their counselors and therapists are some of the best in the country, so others can use their Google Plus page as a vehicle for refining their own skills.

    Visit Their WebsiteThe Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc.

  81. Delray Recovery Center


    Many times substances abuse problems have mental disorders that co-exist with them, sometimes even being the root of the problem. Delray Recovery Center aims to not only address the substance problem, but properly diagnose any mental health disorders as well to ensure long-term success. Their page made the list because counselors can learn a significant amount off of the “5-phase step down continuum of care,” which is more intuitive to long term success.

    Visit Their WebsiteDelray Recovery Center

  82. Cornerstone Recovery Center


    When it comes to content on a Google Plus page, Cornerstone Recovery Center has one of the most impressive feeds that largely covers the whole field of addiction, drugs, and abuse. Counselors looking for information relating to helping those with drug abuse problems are strongly encouraged to check out their page.

    Visit Their WebsiteCornerstone Recovery Center

  83. Family First Intervention


    The debilitating repercussions of alcohol and drug abuse can be felt throughout family and friends of the individual primarily suffering. Family First Intervention has unique options for helping clients and this is what sets them apart, particularly their interventionists from different backgrounds. This page is great for counselors to see another approach regarding substance abuse.

    Visit Their WebsiteFamily First Intervention

  84. Non 12-Step Drug Rehabs


    Not everyone fits into the formula for simply recovering and getting back to their lives when overcoming drug addictions. That’s why the Google Plus page for Non 12-Step Drug Rehabs is such an effective tool for counselors to build alternative strategies to assist clients.

    Visit Their WebsiteNon 12-Step Drug Rehabs

  85. American Addiction Centers


    American Addiction Centers is a nationwide organization that specializes in facilitating the highest quality care relating to substance abuse and addiction. Counselors can find one of the largest arrays of resources on the internet relating to care here.

    Visit Their WebsiteAmerican Addiction Centers

  86. Decision Point Center, Inc.


    Through their detailing of some of the most pertinent aspects of substance abuse and addiction, Decision Point Center, Inc has compiled some of the best resources in the field. Counselors can use their page to get fantastic supplementary information on addiction and drug abuse.

    Visit Their WebsiteDecision Point Center

  87. Florida Substance Abuse


    Florida Substance Abuse is an impressive organization that portrays addiction and substance abuse in a way that is useful to the client and the counselor. By stressing the path to recovery, that make it seem like it’s always possible to get back on track. Counselors should read on their page for advice about how to instill optimism into some of their clients working to overcome substance problems.

    Visit Their WebsiteFlorida Substance Abuse Treatment

  88. Harp Treatment Center


    Harp Treatment Center has many treatment options for patients available and counselors can look through their Google Plus page to get a clear picture of what a fully functional holistic addiction treatment center looks like. Since they’ve been around since 1970, they’re incredibly experienced with these treatment and care.

    Visit Their WebsiteHarp Treatment Center

  89. McPherson Counseling Services, Inc


    The non-profit work of McPherson Counseling Services has been impressive to say the least. Their Google Plus page often is used to convey inspirational quotes and empower clients to feel better about themselves as they seek help. Counselors can look at the page to see what content others find useful and take the insight back to their own page.

    Visit Their WebsiteMcPherson Counseling Services, Inc

  90. Park Bench Group


    As a Google Plus page with a large amount of regularly updated content, Park Bench Group is a worthwhile resource for counselors. Posts often discuss elements of treatment facilities locally.

    Visit Their WebsitePark Bench Group

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    Related Pages

    Google Plus has a great deal to offer counselors, and plenty to explore for anyone truly committed to building a community of peers online.

  92. AIHCP- Christian Spiritual Counseling


    AIHCP- Christian Spiritual Counseling has very interesting information for Christians looking for spiritual guidance in times of need. Their engaging posts on the Google Plus page make great tools for counselors and those in need of help alike.

    Visit Their WebsiteChristian Spiritual Counseling Certification

  93. A Place of Hope Christian Counseling


    A Place of Hope Christian Counseling confronts issues people have in an environment that caters to certain dispositions of Christians. By taking this into consideration, they’re much more apt in dealing with family and relationship problems, along with stress, anxiety, and more. If you’re looking to start or join a counseling organization that has a background in Christianity, this site can do wonders through their mediating advice and ability to tie in God.

    Visit Their WebsiteA Place of Hope Christian Counseling

  94. The Trevor Project


    The 1998 film TREVOR presented the issues that youth in the LGBTQ community face concerning bullying and other problems. The Trevor Project and their Google Plus page work on crisis intervention and suicide prevention as it relates to supporting this community of individuals. Counselors should definitely get educated on this page for how they can also support the youth that are often the most insecure in the LGBTQ community.

    Visit Their WebsiteThe Trevor Project

  95. Hines Family Counseling


    Hines Family Counseling uses Google Plus to post informative content on how to improve relationships and work through marital disputes in the best ways possible. Counselors can view the page and get perspective on what sort of content counseling organizations should be posting on their Google Plus page.

    Visit Their WebsiteHines Family Counseling

  96. Brain Balance of Springfield


    Brain Balance of Springfield supports a more holistic path of working with young individuals by investing in their livelihood through educational resources, rather than substances to deal with problems. Since there are not many facilities such as this one, it’s highly recommended that counselors check out their Google Plus page to see if these methods also be effective in their own practices.

    Visit Their WebsiteBrain Balance Achievement Centers

  97. Monte W. Davenport, Ph.D. | Child, Teen, Family Counselor


    As an expert in assisting Children, teenagers, and families trying to work with children, Monte W. Davenport has made a name for his ability to help others in a very welcoming environment. His Google Plus page helps keep counselors up-to-date on various happenings concerning supporting young people and therapy.

    Visit Their WebsiteLife Solutions

  98. Life Changers Counseling


    Life Changers Counseling puts a large emphasis on their Christian counseling and their life coaching services for people. Additionally, they help people work through depression, anxiety, anger management, communication, and many other areas. If you’re a Christian counselor and are wondering how to improve your ability to connect with other Christians to better help with counseling, this site is strongly recommended.

    Visit Their WebsiteLife Changers Counseling

  99. Christian Counseling Orlando and Christian Counselors


    Christian Counseling Orlando and Christian Counselors promotes solving problems with Christian values comprising the backbone of their methods. This page is strongly recommended for Christian counselors who are wondering how to go about implementing a more Christ-driven approach to their curriculum.

    Visit Their WebsiteChristian Marriage and Couples Counseling

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