Top 50 eBooks About Positive Thinking and Visualization

One of the best ways to help someone is to provide him or her with the tools to help themselves. Counselors know that sometimes it helps to enlist the power of positive thinking. Visualization techniques and concentration on positive outcomes can help lead to improvements and encourage patients to pursue desired outcomes.

By directing patients to helpful resources, counseling professionals can further help. If you are looking for some interesting resources, here are 50 ebooks about positive thinking and visualization.

Positive Thinking and Thought Power

Learn how to better channel thoughts so that they are more positive and uplifting.

  1. Mind Your Mind: Helps you learn about the power of your mind and how you can use positive thinking to overcome negativity.
  2. Thought Power: Learn more about your thoughts, and how they can be used to improve your life.
  3. Power Positive Thinking: Find out how you can add the power of positive thinking to your life.
  4. The Power of Thought: Learn how you can turn your thoughts in a way to help you.
  5. Positive Thoughts for the Day: Helps you find some positive thoughts to focus on. Helpful if you need some help finding your thoughts.
  6. Maximum Strength Positive Thinking: Find what you need to help you boost the power of your positive thoughts.
  7. Power of Positive Thinking: Start down the path of improved health, wealth and attitude with this ebook.
  8. Dream Your Life Positively: Learn how positive thoughts can help you achieve your dreams.
  9. Panic Goodbye: Can positive thinking help you overcome fear and depression and live a fuller life? This ebook thinks it can.
  10. The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 traits for Maximum Results: Find out how positive thinking can help you, and the types of traits you should develop to take advantage of this power.
  11. Think Right Now!: Offers insights on how you can take charge of your life with positive thinking.
  12. Zen Habits Handbook for Life: Leo Babauta takes you on a journey to help you use positive thinking as part of a way of transforming your life.
  13. Power of Gratitude: Thankfulness can be a positive and powerful tool to help you realize your dreams.
  14. Resistance Toys: A great ebook designed to help you relay your neuropathways to overcome negative thoughts with positive thinking.
  15. The Celestine Prophecy: This book helps you learn the power of positive thought and hope. Available in ebook format as well as paperback and hardback.
  16. The Power of Now: Learn how to live in the moment, and how to channel your positive thoughts to enjoy life more.


Practice techniques that can help you “see” the desired outcome — and the steps that need to be taken to reach it.

  1. Visualize and Achieve: Learn how you can use visualization to reach your dreams.
  2. The Power to Visualize: You have the power to visualize a better future, and this ebook aims to show you how.
  3. Creative Visualization: The Key to Getting What You Want in Life: Learn how to use your creativity to connect with the power in you.
  4. I Create Reality: This book takes you beyond visualization and shares techniques that can help you live the life you want.
  5. Visualize Prosperity: Find out how you can visualize yourself into abundance with the help of this ebook.
  6. How to Visualize: Learn how you can properly visualize positive outcomes. Unlock your own positive energy.
  7. Visualize and Attract: Helpful hints on attracting prosperity and happiness through visualization.
  8. Mental Rehearsal & Visualization: This is meant for basketball, but once you read it, you will find that many of the principles apply elsewhere as well.
  9. Change Your Frequency: Use visualization to change the way you think so that positivity begins to help you manifest your dreams.
  10. How to Live the Life of Your Dreams: How positive thinking and visualization can help you turn your life into anything you want it to be.

Law of Attraction

There are some that believe this style of positive thinking can help you attract the outcomes and situations you want.

  1. Why Most Affirmations Fail: A helpful ebook that can help you make affirmations that find success in the Law of Attraction.
  2. Unlock the Power of You: This ebook is designed to help you master the Law of Attraction.
  3. Think and Grow Rich: This is one of the essential books for those who are interested in learning the Law of Attraction.
  4. Money and the Law of Attraction: Abraham Hicks wrote the book on the Law of Attraction and how it can be used to bring prosperity.
  5. Law of Attraction: Use this ebook to learn the secrets of the Law of Attraction — and how you can apply the positive affirmations in your life.
  6. Law of Attraction Riches: This ebook will show you how you can apply the Law of Attraction, with its positive thinking and visualization, in your life.
  7. Acres of Diamonds: You can use the Law of Attraction to visualize everything you want in terms of prosperity.
  8. Mental Chemistry: Understand how your mind works, and how to unlock its power and use the Law of Attraction.
  9. The Way of Peace: Find out about how you can feel more peaceful and content with your life.
  10. Law of Attraction: Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny: Harness the power of your thoughts and attract everything you want in this life.
  11. Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t: Find out how positive thinking and visualization can help you get what you want.
  12. Thought Vibration: Information on the Law of Attraction and how to use it in your life.


Find out how you can clear your mind and prepare it for positive thoughts and visualization.

  1. Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques: Learn meditation techniques.
  2. Om Yoga: Combine yoga with meditation to clear your mind and strengthen your body.
  3. Free Meditation Ebook Course: This ebook course can teach you how to meditate and achieve positive results.
  4. 8 Minute Meditation: You can learn to change your life when you quiet your mind with meditation.
  5. Measuring Meditation: Learn how to measure and deepen your spiritual realization with the help of this ebook.
  6. Yoga, Meditation and Japa Sadhana: Another book on the mind-body connection.
  7. Practical Vipassana Exercises: Learn simple exercises to help you in meditation.
  8. Beautiful Calm: 7 techniques for relaxation and meditation.
  9. Peering Through the Veil: Beginners can learn more about meditation.
  10. Secrets of Meditation: Find out how you can meditate more fully and enhance your life.
  11. Inspiration Meditation: Learn how to use meditation as a source of inspiration.
  12. The Relaxation Meditation eBook: Relaxation through meditation.