Top 50 Addiction Counseling Blogs

Many people get degrees in counseling in order to learn more about how they can help themselves — in addition to helping other people. This makes sense, since many of us have our own problems to deal with. Reading counseling blogs can be a great help as we look for support through our problems, and attempt to overcome addictions.

If you are interested in finding continuing support, but you are not sure if you are ready to let others know about your addictions, you can use technology to your advantage. There are a number of helpful counseling blogs that can offer great ideas for overcoming, as well as offer a safe environment of support. Here are 50 great addiction counseling blogs:

General Addiction Counseling

  1. Cottonwood Tucson: Addresses a variety of substance abuse addiction issues.
  2. Addiction Search Blog: Information, help and resources related to addiction.
  3. Addiction Blog: Helpful and interesting blog addressing different issues related to addiction.
  4. Addiction Recovery Blog: Insights from recovering addicts. Focus on substance abuse, but there are plenty of other helpful insights as well.
  5. Addiction Inbox: Studies, research and more on the science of addiction.
  6. Addiction Focus: A look at addiction, and the latest news and information about different treatments.
  7. BCCS Blog: Brandywine Counseling & Community Services offers this blog with helpful information on addiction and recovery.

Alcohol Addiction

  1. Alcoholism: offers helpful insights on recovering from someone who knows what it’s like.
  2. GCASA Cares: This counseling blog focuses on alcoholism and other substance abuse.
  3. Alcoholism Support: Find help and support for problems with alcohol addiction.
  4. Alcohol Freedom Blog: Get helpful information, support and more from this blog on getting beyond alcohol addiction.
  5. Being Sober: Get support and inspiration from a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  6. The Discovering Alcoholic: Follow the ups and downs of this recovering alcoholic.
  7. The Alcohol Harm Reduction Blog: Looking for positive change, and addressing issues related to alcoholism.
  8. dryblog: Inspiration, support, resources and more related to overcoming alcohol addiction.

Drug Addiction

  1. Drug Addiction Treatment Blog: Learn more about drug addiction, and how it can be treated.
  2. Opiate Addiction: Addresses issues specific to overcoming opiate addiction.
  3. Drug Addiction: Looks at different substance abuse issues.
  4. Non 12-Step Drug Rehabs Blog: Addiction counseling without the “traditional” 12-step approach.
  5. Drug Abuse News: Find out more about drug rehab, counseling and abuse.
  6. The Sara Bellum Blog: This blog is aimed at teens, and explores the science of drug abuse.
  7. Quit Smoking for Good Blog: Helpful hints on quitting smoking, and support and counseling for those who want to stop.
  8. Smoking Cessation Blog: Overcome a nicotine addiction and stop smoking.

Food Addiction

  1. Eating Disorders Blog: Information, support and counseling related to eating disorders.
  2. Stop Eating Disorders Blog: Learning more about eating disorder recovery.
  3. Food Addiction Coach: Counseling help and support related to food addiction.
  4. Normal Eating Blog: Learn about “normal” eating, and get help and support in your efforts.
  5. Voice in Recovery: Support for those with an unhealthy relationship with food.
  6. The Binge Diary: A look at compulsive eating. Inspiration and support.
  7. We are the real deal: Body image blog addressing eating issues, as well as eating disorders.

Sex and Pornography Addiction

  1. Sex Addiction: Find out more about sex addiction, and how to overcome it.
  2. My Sex Drug: A personal journey into overcoming a sex addiction.
  3. Sexual Addiction Recovery: Learn more about sex addiction, and how you can get beyond it.
  4. How to Stop Porn Addiction: Habits, support and more to help you get beyond your addiction to pornography.
  5. Help For Pornography & Sexual Addiction: Get support, counseling and inspiration to help you overcome these habits.
  6. Center for Internet Addiction: This blog can help you get beyond Internet addiction.
  7. Net Addiction: A look at how you can begin to overcome Internet addiction.

Personal Growth Blogs

  1. A Mental Health Reader: Information on mental health, disorders and even addictions.
  2. Positivity Works!: Learn how you can use positivity to improve your life and make changes.
  3. Change Therapy: Find out what you can do to make your life better, and get beyond the problems associated with addiction.
  4. Depression Blog: Learn more about overcoming depression and living a happier life.
  5. Everyone Needs Therapy: Insights into different issues, and helpful hints on how you can improve your life. Includes addiction information.
  6. Finding Optimism: Support, ideas and more about finding optimism, beating depression, and improving your life.
  7. A Splintered Mind: Learn how to overcome different problems. A great therapy blog.

Relationship Counseling Blogs

  1. Finding Romance Online: This is a blog about Internet addiction, as well as one about developing relationships online.
  2. DR. Romance Blog: Learn about building health relationships.
  3. Manage Your Emotions: Helps you get control of your anger and anxiety so that you can build healthy relationships.
  4. The Marriage Counseling Blog: You can strengthen your marriage — even after addiction.
  5. Barbara Massey: Offers couples counseling that can help you through a number of difficult situations.
  6. Relationship Counseling Blog: You can improve your relationships.