3 Multicultural Counseling Considerations for Native Americans

With this blog, we will complete our multicultural conversation by looking at three counseling considerations for Native Americans.

Please note that this series is not meant to cover all facets of multiculturalism, but rather to provide some useful information and give you a “head start” in your counseling career. Another important thing to remember is that minority groups are heterogeneous. Therefore, these are things that may be true in some instances, but, as with other categories in counseling, it is dangerous to make assumptions. Continue reading

Multicultural Considerations for African American Clients

With our growing minority population, the concept of diversity is receiving a lot of attention in the Counselor Education literature. Increasingly, academic programs are including education on the diverse needs of minority groups as part of counseling education programs. A growing body of research suggests that understanding differing cultural backgrounds and how this might affect the therapeutic process is essential for counseling effectiveness. Furthermore, the ACA (American Counseling Association) code of ethics dictates that curriculum be infused with multicultural information.
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