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25 Job Sites for Career Counselors

A job as a career counselor means putting on your best face every day and helping students or immigrants step into the job pool with confidence. There isn’t always an easy way to do this, but job sites and forums for career counselors can help you learn the right things to say and how to keep in touch with hopeful employees. There’s an art to being a career counselor, so it helps to constantly educate yourself and learn new networking skills for your clients.

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Top 50 eBooks About Positive Thinking and Visualization

One of the best ways to help someone is to provide him or her with the tools to help themselves. Counselors know that sometimes it helps to enlist the power of positive thinking. Visualization techniques and concentration on positive outcomes can help lead to improvements and encourage patients to pursue desired outcomes.

By directing patients to helpful resources, counseling professionals can further help. If you are looking for some interesting resources, here are 50 ebooks about positive thinking and visualization.

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The Marriage Counseling Hall of Fame

One branch of counseling that you might consider is relationship counseling. This can take on many forms, from counseling families, couples, employers in a workplace to even professionals and clients. Relationship counselors work to resolve repeating patterns that cause problems and distress between involved parties.

Marriage counselors work to correct strains in the relationship by examining maladaptive patterns and repetitive negative patterns. They strive to find viable solutions in order to get the marriage back on track. If you are interested in marriage counseling, you can learn a lot by studying the techniques and practices of other professionals. The following individuals have gained popularity and become famous enough to be listed in this marriage counseling “Hall of Fame”. While not all of these counselors are household names, they currently influence a large number of individuals through various mediums, though some of these counselors can tend to be controversial, both in their personal lives and professional perspectives. And at least two of these counselors listed have gained their fame with the help of Oprah Winfrey.

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50 Free Open Courseware Classes About Psychology and the Human Brain

Psychology is the science that deals with behavior and mental processes, and professionals who work in the field research and study in order to better understand the role of mental functions and how they affect social behavior. It is a complex field that encompasses many branches, from developmental, gender and race, social, abnormal and even more specialties. This study can often overlap with counseling, as both professions deal with studying different mental processes, brain functions, and how emotional and mental disorders affect the lives and behaviors of the patients they work with. If you’re interested in psychology, counseling or studying the functions of the human brain, there are many free courses you can take to get a better idea of which specialty most interests you and which direction to take in furthering your education.

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